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Кроме того, можно переносить часть изображения из одного слоя в другой. Following strand invasion into the RA template (dark-blue line followed by cyan line), clipping of the nonhomologous 3′ tail (red line) is a prerequisite for DNA synthesis. Because tRNAs are known replication fork-blocking regions (Deshpande and Newlon 1996), we are currently in the process of determining whether tRNAs can trigger template switches independently of the Ty elements. Preserve Embedded Color ProfilePreserves a color profile that is embedded in the image, if possible. If the profile is not supported in JPEG, Adobe Output Module converts the profile to sRGB. For the SSA strains only, cells were grown on YC-TRP (to retain the HOcs that is marked with TRP1). Cells were appropriately diluted and plated on YEPD plates to get the total cell count and on YEP-GAL plates for HO induction.

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