Шаблон html counter

This property is mostly important for the internal implementation of loops. Template Objects Changed in version 2.4. If a template object was passed in the template context, you can extend from that object as well. When do problems arise?[edit] See also: Help:Template § Expand limits The inclusion limits are most commonly reached on pages that use the same template many times, for example using one transclusion per row of a long table. For string concatenation, have a look-see at the ~ operator. {{ 1 + 1 }} is 2. — Subtract the second number from the first one. {{ 3 — 2 }} is 1. / Divide two numbers. Just like param(), query() with no arguments returns all the parameter names in the template at the top level. As mentioned above, both TMPL_VAR and TMPL_LOOP values can be code references.

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